Do it yourself Intertwined Hearts Paper Knot digital papercut template



This template and instruction sheet will be available for you to download once purchased.

This is a template of my original papercut celtic knot. This design has been designed to weave together to create a perfectly sculpted celtic knot design! You will also receive a full colour, step by step instruction sheet to explain how to create your knot.

Made as an pdf template to create a 3 inch square knot, perfect for printing at home, you can adjust the size to make a smaller or larger knot if you want to.

This template is for personal use only.

This template is not for resale, or any other papercut produced from this template.
Do not alter, copy or pass on files downloaded without prior permission.

This means it’s absolutely fine to give away your finished papercut to friends and family as a gift, but not to sell to customers. If you’d like to use the finished piece to raise money for charity, please do let me know which charity and please give design credit to me.

If you showcase your work on social media or anywhere else, please give design credit to me, Kelly Cuts Paper. If you could tag me into the picture, that would be wonderful, as I would love to see your ‘Intertwined Hearts’ too!

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