I Love Mandalas

I’m slightly obsessed with circles at the moment and I’m not afraid to admit it! This month I’ve been playing around with my circular designs, adding text to them and other bold shapes and patterns.

The first design I finished is a personalised mandala, which has names within one of the circles. The rest of the design is filled with irregular geometric shapes. I love seeing these designs appear from the paper as the cutting progresses.



This design looks even better with a painted background and I used watercolours for this one, picking out all of the inner shapes with different colours.


I then cut the background to fit, giving the mandala a crisp edge when placed on top. I’m planning to develop a range like this, for different occasions; weddings, new baby, special birthdays, etc.

Family Mandala fb

My next mandala, I based this next design around the theme of love. Perfectly appropriate, with Valentine’s around the corner. Love love love is in the air!

love mandala1love mandala2

A design filled with hearts and love which was really satisfying to cut. The finished white on red cut looks so striking but I still had to make a painted background, just because I love to!

love mandala3

The painted background adds a delicate look to the final design which I love (excuse the pun)!

love mandala4

I’ve made this design available as a template, so if you love papercutting too, you can make your own. Get yours here.

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